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School of Social Work

Dr. DeLiema Named Fesler-Lampert Chair

Congratulations to our own Dr. Marti DeLiema who has just been named the 2024-2025 Fesler-Lampert Chair at the UMN Center for Healthy Aging and Innovation.

Says Dr. DeLiema: "Like many gerontologists, I am an interdisciplinary scholar.  My research on elder financial exploitation is influenced by diverse fields such as psychology, cognitive science, public policy, criminology, social work, and marketing science. Borrowing theories and methodologies from these perspectives, I seek to investigate the causes and consequences of elder financial exploitation. 

Financial security is an important component of healthy aging, but financial exploitation, including scams and fraud, throws the financial and emotional wellbeing of millions of older Americans in jeopardy. In my research, I am committed to developing and testing prevention and intervention programs that minimize the harms of financial exploitation, such as advance financial care planning, fraud awareness campaigns, and interventions that protect older adults’ accounts from revictimization. To advance this work, I engage with state and federal agencies including the Minnesota Department of Commerce, Minnesota Department of Human Services, the US Postal Inspection Service, and the Federal Trade Commission."

Congratulations, Dr. DeLiema!