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School of Social Work

Research at the School of Social Work

The SSW community does work that not only advances research, but contributes to the greater good. We have a diverse group of scholars, each with their own unique interests in applied research — but all sharing a common commitment to social justice, as a guiding principle.

We take great pride in our significant contributions at both the local and global levels. Our faculty, doctoral students, and alumni form a vibrant collective of professionals and life-long scholars actively engaged in their discipline. Many have earned national and international recognition. Welcome to our School. We’re glad you’re here.

Let’s build a better world together. 

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Families and children

Improving the lives of children and families in the home and community.

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Social policy

Boosting the health and well-being of the marginalized through policy and advocacy efforts.

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Mental health

Supporting strong outcomes and advancing mental health scholarship through practice and theory.

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Youth studies

Advancing deep, rich understandings of youth work theory and practice, through the contextual study of youth development.

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Health, disability and aging

Discover the School of Social Work's groundbreaking efforts to enhance health, and care, for the aging and differently-abled, through innovation.

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Methods and methodology

Putting quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods to use in improving outcomes for societal well-being.

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