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Nina Hernandez Beithon

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Areas of interest

Courses taught: SW 8821: Social Work and Difference, Diversity and Privilege

Education: MSW from University of Minnesota


Nina is the Diversity Liaison Counselor at Student Counseling Services on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus. Nina identifies as a Mixed Mexican/White, fat, able-bodied, polyamorous, queer cis woman who holds various roles as a fire keeper, auntie to all the babies, daughter, sister, parent, partner, trauma therapist and Danzante that all inform her way of approaching mental health and healing. Nina approaches mental health from an anti-oppressive and somatic lens and with a deep commitment to support students individually while simultaneously working collectively to dismantle systems and structures that continue to cause harm and build healing and capacity in community. In her spare time Nina enjoys cuddling babies, dancing, listening to Bad Bunny, spending time in nature, laughing and eating ice cream.