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School of Social Work

Ronald Rooney

  • Professor Emeritus

Ronald Rooney

Areas of interest

Work With Reluctant and Involuntary Clients, Public Social Services, Child Welfare, Teaching and Faculty Roles, Distance Education, Blended Learning Interactive Television Pedagogy


PhD, University of Chicago 
MA, Kansas State University 
MA, University of Chicago


Dr. Rooney's special areas of scholarship and research relate to work with reluctant and involuntary clients in a variety of settings including public child welfare. He is co-author of Direct Social Work Practice, now in its 9th edition, the most widely used practice textbook in social work. He is also the author of Strategies for Work with Involuntary Clients, which is in its second edition.  Dr. Rooney consults and provides training for case workers who assist teen parents in reaching  educational and parenting goals. These teens are wards of the state of Illinois through the Teen Parent Support Network. Dr. Rooney has worked with a variety of educational technologies in reaching student learning goals and increasing access for students.  This has included interactive television courses and more recently blended learning courses. Such courses have included interaction between students and international experts through adobe connect.

Educational attainment of teen parents resulting from work with educational advisors; TPSN, Illinois Office of Inspector General

Just published ninth edition of Direct Social Work Practice with Dean Hepworth, Glenda Dewberry-Rooney &  Kim Strom-Gottfried.


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Workshop on engaging teen parents who are wards of the state of Illinois. March 7, 2011; Rockford, ; March 15, 2011, Rend Lake; March 17, Urbana; March 18, Peoria, Illinois

Presentation on brief treatment to Walk In Counseling Center Staff, February 23, 2011