College of Education and Human Development

School of Social Work

James Reinardy

  • Associate Professor Emeritus

James Reinardy

Areas of interest

Enhancing Autonomy and Decision Making of Older Persons, Alternative Models of Long-term Care, Multidisciplinary Geriatric Team Training, Long-term Care Policy, Social Welfare Policy and Community Organizing, Leadership and Organizational Change, philosophical approaches to social justice/human rights and the capabilities approach.


PhD, University of Minnesota, 
MSW, University of Minnesota-Duluth, 
MA, Education, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul MN, 
BA, Philosophy, St. Paul Seminary, St. Paul MN


Dr. Reinardy has been a faculty member at SSW-UMN since 1993 where he has served in administrative positions and well as teaching and research. His career-length exploration of older adults and decision making has taken a significant turnaround in the past few years. Although he has looked at the impact of perceived decision making on the heath, mental health, social life and satisfaction of older adults, he has done this through aggregate data and has discussed its implications for policy and system change. He took a hiatus in his work during his administrative work as director. Currently he is devoting his research efforts to exploring the meaning of social justice and its relationship to social work practice. In a recent article, he and colleagues argued that the capability approach provides a basis for social work to articulate social justice in its mission and its curriculum. His current project involves arguing that the capability approach provides a foundation and guide for social work in human rights practice.


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