College of Education and Human Development

School of Social Work

Dr. Katie Johnston-Goodstar Leads New Initiative

Project BRAID, launched recently, supports urban American Indian families in a culturally focused after-school program setting. 

Led by our faculty member, Dr. Katie Johnston-Goodstar (in collaboration with Antony Stately, and Michele Allen), the initiative promotes youth physical activity and healthy eating using proven implementation strategies. 

By connecting participants to traditional Indigenous foods and cultural lifeways, the program works to reduce health risks, including diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases, in the impacted community. 
BRAID involves community leaders, Indigenous knowledge keepers, and Twin Cities Native Lacrosse (lacrosse is also known as baaga'adowewin or thakapsicapi). Together, all work to integrate cultural teaching with physical activity. 

The program has led to increased youth engagement at both its Minneapolis and Saint Paul sites since launch.

Visit Project BRAID online for more.

Pictured here: Participating students bring home family food kits to make Three Sisters Bison Chili with their families.