College of Education and Human Development

School of Social Work

Amy Krentzman

  • Pronouns: she, her, hers

  • Associate Professor

Areas of interest

Alcohol and other substance use disorders, addiction treatment and recovery, 12-step programs, sober living houses, spirituality, gratitude, forgiveness, positive psychology, journaling to support addiction recovery, recovery in rural communities, and communication skills in social work practice.


PhD, Case Western Reserve University
MSW, New York University
BA, Northwestern University


Dr. Krentzman’s research focuses on factors that promote the initiation and maintenance of recovery from alcohol and other substance use disorders, particularly the mechanisms of therapeutic change that are precipitated by professional treatment, sober living houses, recovery community organizations, and mutual-aid programs. Recent research projects explore the experience of addiction recovery in rural communities and journaling to support addiction recovery.

Selected Activities

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